We provide online tools that give you the power to provide you and your customers simple steps to get them up and going fast. We help you guarantee your client's bills stay low with a greatly reduced time commitment.

Bill and Usage Analysis

STEP 1: Analyze your clients current wireless bill and usage, quickly showing you and your clients how to optimize their accounts..

Optimize Account

STEP 2: Once you know the savings you can achieve, you can make the optimizations to your client's wireless accounts.


STEP 3: Setup your users, alerts, automatic reports, custom rate plans, etc.

Ongoing Analysis/Monitoring

STEP 4: Proactively monitor and analyze your customer's accounts to keep costs down. You can receive detailed reports whenever you want: daily, weekly, and monthly.

Dealers, IT Service Providers and Telecom Agents

Account Boss services includes all of the tools that Carrier Authorized Dealers, IT Service Providers and Telecom Agents, etc. need to better manage their customers wireless accounts. Become a partner of Account Boss and get your own white labeled site and start adding complete mobile expense management services for your customers.

Mobile Whole-sellers

Account Boss services gives our clients the ability to resell mobile services. You can create any custom rate plan and map your costs to any carriers costs. You can also provide your clients an online experience so they can login to see their usage, bills, contracts, etc. We also give you the ability to invoice your customers, track accounts receivable, profit and loss and taxes.

Our Services

Catch Bill Errors

We provide real time pro-active monitoring of your mobile bill and alert you to any discrepancies.

Find Phantom Lines

Our powerful software and pro-active monitoring alert you to this wasteful, unnecessary and unfortunately common occurrence.

Prevent Overages

Our proactive real time monitoring e-mail alerts and intuitive usage prediction features make is so that you and your customers are always aware of where you stand at any point during the billing cycle.

Identify Most Efficient Plans

With Account Boss, you know you are paying for a plan that matches your needs exactly.

Automated Customized Reports

With Account Boss Reporting you can Customize Reports based on usage, monthly bills, unused lines, equipment, etc. Even schedule reports to be sent automatically when you need them.

Billing Groups and Cost Centers

With Account Boss, we allow you to organize your lines into custom Billing Groups and Cost Centers that represent your organization.

Device Management and Upgrade Eligibility

Get detailed reports on which devices your are using. We also show you when your devices are eligible for upgrading.

Usage Groups

Account Boss allows you to organize your lines into Usage groups based on any usage type. You can even keep your groups in sync with the carrier groups.

Custom Rate Plans

Create custom rate plans that you can map to carrier costs. Charge what you want for mobile services.

Online Experience

Give your customers access to their accounts, alerts, bills, invoices, reports, usage, etc.

Invoice Customers

Use Account Boss to create and send invoices to your customers.

Data Analytics

Create reports on accounts receivables, bills, equipment, invoices, ,profit and loss, usage. Have them automatically sent to you.


Watch this demo on how Account Boss works

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$2,500 in Savings

$2,500 in Savings

City in the United States

With only seven days enjoying a free trial of Account Boss, a City in the United States was convinced of its value. In just one billing cycle, Account Boss identified and eliminated nearly $1,600 of waste in the city’s wireless bill. Since then, Account Boss prevents an average of $2,500 of monthly waste from wireless bill totals prior to Account Boss.

$1,500 in Savings

$1,500 in Savings

Another US City

When this other US City saw their wireless bill jump nearly $1500 in two months, they began seeking a fast, powerful, simple solution. They found it in Account Boss. Within two months of using Account Boss, the wireless bill returned to normal. More than simply a reduction in cost was the reduction in time and stress that normally accompanied the management of the wireless bill. Our proactive customer service prevented waste and overages.

$25,000 is Savings

$25,000 is Savings

Construction Company

A large construction quickly learned that the fee for Account Boss pays for itself many times over. They immediately saw a dramatic improvement with the time spent managing their wireless bills as well as significant cost savings by eliminating waste and overages. Account Boss did such a fantastic job that it made wireless expense management look ridiculously easy. Without Account Boss, their cell phone bill was an extra $25,000.

Account Boss

Account Boss

Real Time Expense Management Solutions

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